We must thank MMS (Manmohan Singh) for one thing –he has proved to all of us that Gandhigiri is a useless concept

We must thank MMS for one thing —he has proved to all of us that Gandhigiri is a useless concept.

Till now,our professors (paid by elitemen) wrote and told us the lies that Gandhigiri is sufficient,and we dont need to read non-violent ways of Udham Singh etc. Well,Gandhigiri is good as long as we want committee and not karyavahi i.e. action. eg Anna on Apr-4 said that “we do not want law today,we only want a Lokpal draft committee”,and bingo …govt came with warm hands and gave a committee. Gandhigir worked. In contrast,on jun-4 around 9pm,Ramdevji’s said “hame (Mauritius bank ke mudde par) committee nahi chahiye,sirf karyavahi chahiye”i.e. “we dont want any goddamn time wasting committee (on Mauritius issue),but we want action”. Within 5 hours,MMS sent 5000 policemen to beat sleeping satyagrahi black and blue and torch the mandap. So much for the efficiency of Gandhigiri.

Any guess on why Anna did not ask for law on Apr-8,and asked for goddamn time-wasting committee? Because that is something Govt would readily accept —after all,committee is a just a time-pass. And outside committee,Govt will have all the time to give cash or give fame or whatever one wants.

Look at the demand of Anna. His committee will give draft not before Jun-30,and now it may get delayed. Then MPs will sit on it for months. And Anna in Lokpal bill section-1 says ”the bill will come into effect 4 months after it is passed”. So another time-pass for 4 months. Then selection committee will be formed. Will selection committee select Lokpals? Hell no. Read section-6 of Anna’s Jan Lokpal. The selection committee will form form a search committee !! Then search committee will pick 30-40 names. In how many months? The bill drafted by Anna puts no deadline !! Then selection committee will pick 11 out of 30-40 names,and again bill drafted by Anna puts no time limits. Then 11 Lokpals will come and take 6 months to hire staff and offices. So all in all,this is time-pass for 2 years,at least.

And then Anna opposes Right to Recall Lokpal. So when Lokpals take 20% of bribes Ministers,IAS,judges collect and stash the bribes in Swiss,Mauritius accounts,we have to just watch. We can file case before SCjs who will ask for proofs. And Swiss banks give no details,and so SCjs will throw away the case. So Lokpals can merrily keep all their bribes. And due to Lokpals’s 20% cut,all officers will raise the bribes by 20%,so we have to pay 20% extra.

So all in all,we have time-pass for months and years,and finally we have Lokpals who have accounts in swiss ,mauritius banks. No wonder why MMS accepted Anna’s demands and no wonder why all TV channels made a Anna more popular than SRK in just 5 days.

So if your demands are as useless as Lokpal,and as time-pass as Lokpal,Gandhigiri is the way to mislead activists and get “results”. But if demands are “we want action and not committee”,one better think of better alternatives.

Let us all thank MMS for bursting the myth of Gandhigiri.

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