Thousand ways for noteless and white ways to take bribes

Swami Ramdev ji is pressuring government to recall large notes to stop corruption. Although I support recalling of large notes until someone gives a good reason not to(since I think it will reduce fake currency and terrorism),I do not think it will reduce corruption.

Because there are many ways of doing corruption without large notes or even without any money involved. Request everyone to Please tell in detail how these ways happen or can happen.

I will later add these here.

(1) By Rajesh Kumar-

“Yesterday one of my friends told me how corruption is taking place by land mafia in industrialized states in India or where Industrialization is rapid. The modus operandi is like this. The Government acquires lands to Industrial purposes. The Land dealer (big Businessmen or their agents) first pays the bribe to Land Acquisition Officer @ Rs 1.00 Lac per survey number just to tell which survey number is going to be acquired by the Government. Once the survey number is known to these businessmen or their agent they will approach to the poor farmer to sell their agricultural land. They will give Rs 15 to Rs 20 Lac per acre to the farmers and will register the property for little value to avoid stamp duty. Once the property is transferred to their name they will form the cartel and bargain with the government and sell it to government in crores. What do you call this type of exploitations? ?”

(2)”I can use banned 500/1000 bundles to make land and other big transactions. It is easy to count bundles and if I have conections,I can avoid raids. A full parallel economy of large notes can come up with people exchanging large notes for small ones and small notes for large notes.”

So,these notes will not come in the economy unlike some people claim. Those who have stock of these 500/1000 notes will be able to still use them even after banning.

(3)Ashish said “MNCs can also donate bribe in NGOs &Trusts run by corrupt ministers &judges or their relatives. In such case,MNCs will get tax benifit as well for paying bribe.”

(4)Nimesh said “keeping foregin exchange is crime even today “yes,but no one enforces it since the corrupt people are bribed. So,in every city there are private foreign currency exchangers.Nimesh said”to use gold as bribe they have to buy it…. &hav to pay currency if only /100/50/10 notes r legal than it cant be hide”To use gold as bribe ,have to smuggle gold which is possible with bribing of customs. For bribing of customs uptil few lakhs,50s and 100s will do. For bribing uptil 50 lakhs,foreign currency can be used. For bribing uptil few crores,gold can be used. For larger amounts,foreign bank transactions,fake transactions of commodities used. Also,in other thread mentioned about 2G scam and other scams,where bribe was in 100s and 1000s of crores. This much bribe cannot be made via large notes. So,obviously other means are employed even today. Please see this link-

(5)Nimesh said”After a certain period the old unclaimed currency will be out of circulation thus reducing its value to a piece of paper. “What if even after the expired period,the currency notes are STILL taken and corruption continues underground with it? Who will enforce that does not happen?

(6)Nimesh said “but in such case marks left ,it can prove by document. but exchange of currency dont left any trace able evidence .we hav to caught when money in on their hand other wise u cant prove any thing”All Corruption has its marks but…the officials and the judiciary are bribed to remove/hide the marks. So,that is the primary concern. how to stop those bribes.

(7)Some alternative ways of bribing,other than large notes are- dollars,gold,silver,land,foreign bank transactions,fake transactions of commodities.

(8)Nimesh said “IMO its bring out 20lks crs in real economy ,so in turn rupee will b stronger if mms stop printing notes,there other scams going on in printing currency notes watch Vishwabandhu das gupta on utube”Those already who have black…money can buy land and shares,gold etc due to which the price of these increasing,the amount of money circulation increases,price increases,and the corrupt will not suffer much. The common man will due to price increase(Please see chapter 23 of for full explanation how this happens)

(9)`Narendra Modi is involved in cases. He is approached by Tata to give cheap land in exchange for relaxation of cases. The Tatas are given cheap land and the judges are told to relax the cases. The judges receive favours for that like promotion of their relatives ,their own promotion etc.The judges in turn also help to suppress other people who could leak this info like RTI commissioner etc. The Tatas approach Congress also to dilute their campaign against Modi. For which they receive some grants for one of their associated NGOs. `Here no where large notes transactions invvolved.

(10) Consider Supreme Court judges. They never touch a paise,forget Rs 1000 note. An SCj will subtley tell you name of a lawyer who would be his close friend or some distant relative. And he will communicate amount to you. You pay CHEQUE of that amount to that SCj’s friend or relative lawyer and next day you get the judgment. Thios is how over 90% of corruption has been going on in India since 1990. How will reducing Rs 1000 notes have any impact?

(11) Another way is take it as a consulting fee in the name of relative. eg many Industrial Houses hire Bank Directors’relatives as lawyers or consultants. When bank directors deliver loans,the relative gets a fat consulting fee. Why Director? Chidambaran’s wife has been a lawyer for many firms. In such cases,how do you prove that decision maker took a bribe to begin with?

(12)How DIG-SCj nexus works. All SCjs have relative lawyers who need favor from police to weaken the case. So DIG will sell out,help a lawyer of SCj and SCj will do favor to DIG. Also,many relatives of SCjs are builders,industrialists etc who may be implicated in real or fake criminal cases,and DIG can help them out.

(13)Asthana,46,worked as the central nazir (chief treasurer) during 2001-2008 — the period when large sums of money were withdrawn fraudulently from the PF accounts of the court’s Class III and IV employees. Detailing the modus operandi,Asth…ana,who began working at the Ghaziabad district courts in February 1993,said the money was withdrawn from the PF accounts of the court employees years before maturity,with the consent of the judges,all of whom had served as district judges in Ghaziabad and were authorised to sign the vouchers. Asthana also reportedly confessed that a large number of Class III and Class IV employees existed only on paper and bogus PF payments were made to them,with the knowledge of the judges. His statement listed the names of district judges who allegedly sanctioned withdrawal of money from the treasury as well as judges who had received consumer goods from him

(14) Illegal bangladeshi migrants are allowed to stay in a slum,police inspector takes weekly hafta from them,and give it in turn to the comissioner,The commissioner will then give this to some NRI who deposits dollars in his foreign bank acc…ount.The NRI will use it as black money for buying land and thus avoiding tax. The commissioners give monthly cuts to the CM by transferring the money from his foreign bank account to CMs foreign bank account. No large notes are needed in this chain of bribery.

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