The Janlokpal Game:Centralization for Corruption

How MNCs\Missionaries are using public anger to improve their strength,and why true activists are failing,because of chronic inaction of RSS,BJP,BST,CPM etc. And how Right to Recall Janlokpal proposal may  save us.

1.    What is Janlokpal ?

Janlokpal bill is law proposed by Anna Hazare ji. The draft is about 40 pages long and uses English that even an average lawyer of London will have hard time reading it. It is given at . Hindi draft was given only on May-15-2011,not till then. My personal estimate says that less than 50000 persons in India have read even 20 pages of it !! Say the bill passes in Sep-2011. Then the bill will create a Selection Committee (see section-6) consisting of 9 persons – Vice President,PM,opposition leader,two Supreme judges,two High Court judges,CEC and CAG. This Selection Committee will form a Search Committee. This Search Committee will select about 33 persons from India whom they think are of high integrity. Then the Selection Committee will select 11 Janlokpals from 33 proposed candidates. These 11 Lokpals will have term of 5 years. In 2017,the Selection Committee will consist of 9 dignitaries mentioned above and 11 outgoing Lokpals. So in the Selection Committee in 2017,ex-Lokpals will be in majority. The Lokpals will and have powers to investigate,arrest any Central Govt officer, MP,Minister,High Court Justice,Supreme Court Justice etc and prosecute him for corruption. They may even take office on third degree remand as if he was some criminal,. And till a judge bails him,the accused may rot in prison. Eg Superintendent of Police D G Vanazara of Gujarat Police is “merely” being investigated and prosecuted,but has been rotting in prison for 5 years !!

Suffices to say —everyone will have to fear The Janlokpals. And thus corruption will end. At least,so says Annaji. May Annaji bless The God (yes,not otherway).

2.    What if Janlokpals become corrupt of agents of MNCs or Missionaries or Saudi Arabia’s Islamists? ‘

I will ask the unaskable –what if Janlokpals become corrupt? Worse, what if Janlokpal become agents of MNCs or Missionaries or Islamists? Or what if Selection Committee of 2012 itself consists of agents of MNCs , who appoint men with honest image,but inside who are agents of MNCs as 11 Lokpals? The answer will explain why TV-channels are supporting Janlokpal with NO Right to Recall corrupt Janlokpal draft.

MNCs want Janlokpal so that they have to bribe or influence only 11 Janlokpals and no longer need to bribe 1000s of IAS/IPS/politicians/judges. There are 10-15 heads in every districts’ IAS/IPS/judiciary/polity and some 50-75 heads in every State,totaling some 10000 District Level heads and about 2000 State Level heads. To manage them,MNCs and Missionaries have to keep Radia type Lobbyists who add 200% to 500% margins. But once 11 Janlokpals come,MNCs and Missionaries need to bribe only 11 Janlokpals and bingo – all 10000 district level politicians/IAS/IPS/judges and 2000 State/National level politicians/IAS/IPS/judges will come under they will have near complete control over Indian administration via their proxies.

Section-7 says that Supreme Court judges will expel such a corrupt Lokpal. Now do YOU have faith in Supreme Court judges? I don’t. Shanti Bhushan says that 50% of Supreme Court judges are corrupt. We have seen Supreme Court Chief judge Khare who gave bail to a Swiss multi-millionaire who had raped three eight-year old girls,and videotaped it himself !! And further,what evidences Supreme Court judges will have if Janlokpals take bribe via family members or take bribes in Swiss/Mauritius bank? So unless Janlokpal is stupid enough to keep all cash at home or deposit it in State Bank of India,section-7 is of no use.

All in all,this Janlokpal with NO Right to Recall corrupt Janlokpal is MNC-pal and Missionary-pal. The problem of Lokpal becoming corrupt or MNC/Missionary can be reduced by bringing Right to Recall Janlokpal. The Janlokpal WITH Right to Recall corrupt Janlokpal becomes true Janlokpal

3.    The Janlokpal Game

For several decades,middle class in India has been facing harassment not just from corruption but also from delays,wastage of precious time and a general uncertainly each time one deals with Government Departments and Courts. The lower class faces all this,and faces atrocities in addition. The activists were always eager to campaign for laws that can reduce this mess. But the activist leaders could convince activists to “wait and watch” and so activists just waited and watched,and did not campaign for law-drafts that could have reduced corruption, uncertainty,harassment,atrocities etc. So the anger kept growing.

MNCs and Missionaries have now deployed their TV-channels to canalize this anger to pressurize MPs to pass a law that would further increase the control of MNCs and Missionaries. Once can notice the sheer amount of hours TV-channels allocate to promote Janlokpal and those who support Janlokpal. How many Indians knew Anna in March-2011? Some 20% in Maharashtra and  0.1% in rest of India. But Anna supported it and bingo, MNCs made him Mohanbhai-2. And Annaji is indeed Mohanbhai-2,because of campaign of Mohanbhai-2 was also funded by the British (the then MNCs).

So the Janlokpal Game is to use anger of people to force MPs to enact a law,that would enable MNCs and Missionaries to rule with relative ease.

The Congress-apex consists of hard-core MNC/Missionary agents. So Congress is from inside supporting Janlokpal Game. Many think that Annaji is Congress puppet. It is false. Both Congress and Annaji are MNC/Missionary puppet. Most Congress MPs oppose Janlokpal and even Govt Lokpal,and to suppress them,MNCs are using Anna to motivate citizens to force MPs to vote for Janlokpal.

[To what extent Annaji knows about this game? From what I know,Annaji is being misled. He believes that his Janlokpal has Right to Recall Janlokpal clauses !! The Hindi draft given to him had RTR-Lokpal clauses. The draft given to media and Govt was in English – something Anna never read. And the Hindi draft kept on IAC website had no RTR-Lokpal clauses,but Annaji never uses internet !! So Annaji thinks his Janlokpal is immune to MNC/Missionary capture,and doesn’t know that the Janlokpal he read is not the same as one media/Govt has !!!]

4.    The way out

One way out I suggest is to ask both Ministers and Anna-team to add Right to Recall Janlokpal clauses in the Janlokpal drafts. The Right to Recall Janlokpal clauses details are given in . If there is RTR-Lokpal,citizens can replace corrupt or nexused Lokpal within 1-2 months,and thus no Lokpal will dare to support MNCs/Missionaries.

Today is Aug-23-2011. One can only propose improvements to Janlokpals now. Opposing Janlokpal is not an option now. The first right question that angry mobs will ask is —well do you have alternative? And giving alternative is also not an option now. Because next right question angry mob will ask is —why didn’t you give this alternative till today? But one can always give proposal to a valid issue —what if Lokpal becomes corrupt or agent of MNC/Missionaries? So RTR-Lokpal has locus standee even now,even on Aug-24-2011. The tagline MUST be “we support Annaji’s Janlokpal with Right to Recall corrupt Lokpal clauses”.’

5.    On RTR

What is this Right to Recall? Well,consider that you have a factory with 100 laborers. Say  Govt makes a law that you cant expel any worker for next 5 to 10 years. Then will level of indiscipline increase or decrease or remain same? Obviously,it will increase. Unbounded job security can deteriorate any system. Same way,we the people of India are indirectly appointing 11 Lokpals and if we cant expel them or even one of them,then they too like most Supreme Court justices,most High Court justices,Ministers,IAS,IPS etc can become nepotic or corrupt or both. And the Right to Recall Lokpal clauses will enable citizens to expel one or more Lokpals. Annaji has been misguided to believe that latest Janlokpal draft has Right to Recall Lokpal clauses. So we should all inform Annaji that it is still not the case,and we must request him to add Right to Recall Lokpal clauses in the final Jan Lokpal draft.

Why is corruption in US policemen low (except in drugs related cases)? The one and only one reason why corruption in US police is low is because citizens in US have procedure to expel District Police Commissioner of their district. So Police Commissioner in US takes very  less bribes and also ensures that his staff doesn’t take much bribes. If Police Commissioner in US comes to know that his junior staff is taking bribes,he will immediately run a sting operation,gather evidences and gets them expelled. Because he fears that if corruption in junior staff increases,the citizens may expel him. The corruption in US police in drugs related cases is because most citizens in US do not have much aversion against drugs. But since in India,citizens have NO procedure to expel Police Chief,the Chief not only collects bribes,he asks his juniors to collect maximal bribes.

Same way some 95% court judgments in US come within 3-6 months? Why? Because citizens in US have procedures to expel i.e. Right to Recall High Court judges,Lower Court judges,Public Prosecutors etc. Same way corruption in US’s education is less because citizens have Right to Recall District Education Officer. And so education in US’s Govt schools is far better than education in India’s Govt schools.

For details of exact clauses that can create Right to Recall Lokpal procedure,pls see

90% blame goes to RSS,BJP,BST,CPM etc for their ensured that their activists and citizens waste away all time in national character,akhand bharat,yog,pranayam,ayurved,food habits,enviornment,graam vikas,congress-bashing etc and get NO knowledge of law-drafts.

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