RTI activist kills himself for not being heard

Following is updated information about RTI. We can not curb corruption using RTI. Govt. Officers have enough power to reject any RTI application.

Many Social Activists &Political Parties are misleading public by showing RTI as a way to curb corruption.


Copied Article from Times of India &Divya Bhaskar

AHMEDABAD:A farmer and RTI activist Jabbardan Gadhvi,42,committed suicide outside the mamlatdar’s office in Kutch,after authorities failed to respond to his application filed under RTI law.

Gadhvi had filed an application after he suspected that lumpen elements in his village Gavthi in Rapar taluka had usurped land belonging to him and other farmers of his village. He also suspected that the local talati was involved in the alleged transfer of ownership. He filed an RTI application for information on what had happened and when the change in ownership took place.

The talati ignored his application,so Gadhvi approached the mamlatdar. The Rapar mamlatdar heard his case and asked for the information to be given in an order on January 19. Yet,nobody listened to him and he had no information on who took his land.

Gadhvi went on a hunger protest outside the mamlatdar’s office. On Monday around 11 am when the mamlatdar’s office opened,Gadhvi doused himself with kerosene and set himself on fire.

He was taken to hospital but had died by then. Gadhvi has two children who live in the village with their mother.



(As of Feb 23,2011)


(As of Feb 23,2011)

Following Information is not published in New Paper about this tragedy

(1) When a farmer and RTI activist Jabbardan Gadhvi,filled an RTI application,he was charged in wrong cases by Police Department &Other departments.

(2) Why RTI application was delayed or rejected,it is not clear ??? He was only asking information about his farming land.

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