RRG proposals to reduce cow slaughter and increase cow-dairy

1. Cow slaughter will be banned in entire India. Slaughter of bullocks meat may or may not be allowed by State Govt

2. Technology for sex selection while impregnating cow will be developed. So if a cow owner wants cow or bullock,he may do so.

3. Cancel subsidies to tractor. This will increase demand for bullocks.

4. Selling of cow meat will be banned. Jury may impose sentence of 5 years in prison in whole of India

5. Jury may imprison person who runs a cow slaughter house for 10 years in whole of India

6. Govt will run cow shelters

7. No export of cows. Jurors may imprison anyone exporting beef for 5 years.

8. Cows from one state cannot be sold or moved to another State

9. The Govt will purchase old cows at a set price

10. There will be no subsidy for cow or buffalo

11. The milk will have explicit label of cow‟s milk or buffalo‟s milk. The label will also specify whether the milk is from “desi”,“geer”or “jersey”cow.

12. Selling milk of desi cows at subsidized rates via ration card shops (desi cow milk of about 100 ml per person per day will bought at cost plus 7% profits and will be sold at 50% less price via ration card shops)

These proposals will be brought after three line law,CITIZENS VOICE is passed. And via CITIZENS VOICE,with the approval of masses,these proposals can be brought.

Please see chapter 1 of www.righttorecall.info/301.pdf for details of CITIZENS VOICE.

Please see chapter 21 of www.righttorecall.info/301.pdf for details of Jury and proposals to improve judicial system  and chapter 44,section 44.12 for RRG proposals to improve ration system.

Rajiv Dixit ji has said that today common man can get a loan for slaughter of cow but cannot get loan if he wants to have a cow-dairy. These laws will change that.

Other members may also please give their proposals.

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