Is Anna serious about Right to Recall ,and is Lokpal just a Time-pass?

Say my times were bad,and I had borrowed Rs 100,000 from you. Now say my times are good,and you ask for money back. I immediately give you a cheque of Rs 100,000 ,but forget to sigh that cheque. You visit me and remind me 50 times,but each time I refuse to sign the cheque and tell all that I have given a cheque to you and refunded all your money. Each time,you ask me to sign the cheque,I say “didnt I give you the cheque? Now pls dont bother about procedural details ,pls dont bother about technicality blah blah blah”. So you have a cheque of Rs 100,000 given by me in your hand,and the cheque has no signature !!

What would you say about that cheque?What would you say about that cheque? What would YOU say about my intention to repay? Would you call me hypocrite?

Same way Anna Hazare beats drums of Right to Recall with loudness that would put Thunder God to shame. But Annaji refuses to add Right to Recall clauses in the Lokpal draft. Paid media doesnt expose him on this issue,and so not many people know that he has opposed Right to Recall Lokpal clauses. Does he promise to add the clauses in next life time? If dont know. But as of now,he has shown ZERO interest in adding Right to Recall Lokpal clauses in the draft. So what do YOU say about intention of Anna Hazare? Pls fwd this all. And I request IAC members to ask Anna to honestly clarify his stand before media on issue of Right to Recall Lokpal. Why he is refusing to say to media that he opposes RTR Lokpal when he indeed opposes RTR Lokpal clauses?

Likewise,Anna has also opposed adding a clause in Lokpal bill that would allow a citizen to add his name to existing complaint,so that he doenst have to spend 100s of rupees in drafting a fresh complain. So much for his concern for poor men !!


More on time-pass Jan Lokpal bill

1. In Dec-2010,Anna asked for Jan Lokpal law. Till Feb-2010,he demanded the law.In later half of Mar-2010,he summer somersaulted and demanded committee !!! IOW,time-pass till Jun end or July end

2. Then MPs will discuss for months. Anna says that he will fast again if MPs dont pass this bill by Aug-15. Lets hope that bill passes in Aug

3. Then bill itself in clause-1 says that it will apply 4 months after it is passed !! So another time-pass of 4 months

4. Then section-6.6. implies that Vice President will from Selection Committee ,and there is no time limit on VP. He may take months for form Selection Committee.

5. Will Selection Committee appoint 11 Lokpals right away? Hell no. The section-6.7 implies that Selection Committee will form a Search Committee !! Again,selection commitee may take months and months for Search Committee

6. The Search Committee will go thru list of 100s and short list some 33 candidates . Again,Anna’s Jan Lokpal billl puts no time limit. So we Search Committee may take months and months.

7. The Selection Committee will pick 11 out of 33. Again,no time limit and so ample time-pass. Section 6.10.g ensures that selection procedures can be delayed for years and years !! How three members can gang up and object against all 33 names,and so all 33 names chosen by Search Committee will be rejected !!

8. Next Lokpals will come and spend 6 months making offices and recruiting staff.

So all in all,we have nothing but a time-pass of at least 2 years to dozens of years.

No wonder why Sonia Gandhi accepted demands of Anna Hazare,because it was time-pass. And no wonder Sonia asked 5000 policemen to savagely beat supporters of Ramdevji and torch the mandap. Because Ramdevji said “I want action,and dont want committee”,where as Anna said I want (time-pass) committees only.

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