India`s richs` misconceptions in opposing pro-common laws

India is on way to getting enslaved by MNC. Already MNCs have succeeded 50 % in this. They have made India dependent on MNCs for technology fully,agriculture partly ,defence fully,education mostly. And the majority of the elite rich are furthering this cause by supporting anti-common laws like Janlokpal bill without transparent complaint procedure and opposing transparent complaint/proposal procedure ,right to recall drafts,MRCM drafts,jury system etc.

I assume the India`s rich are doing this to keep the common people who are mostly poor suppressed. So,that they think they can get cheap labour who they can exploit.And their and their future generations can live `comfortably`.

But would like to point out this is a misconception of the India`s rich.

Let us take two situations-

(1)The India`s rich support the pro-common laws-

India`s commons will be empowered ,corruption and poverty will reduce. BUT the rich do not have to suffer because of that in anyway. Their lifestyle can go on. One can live a rich lifestyle even without exploitation of the commons. Ambani`s can still live in seven storied buildings although they will have to pay more taxes since wealth tax and MRCM will come. They will get labour still although maybe not dirt cheap.Jury system and right to recall laws over judges,ministers,etc will improve situation of courts ,police. They will not be able to exploit the commons. That is all the difference it will make.

(2) The India`s rich oppose the pro-common laws and actively/passively support the MNCs looting and enslaving of India-

India will be enslaved. The MNCs will loot all of India (just like Britishers) . The poor will become more poor. Lakhs will die. BUT the MNCs will also loot the majority of the rich persons also. They are not relatives that they will spare them. They can snatch Ambani`s seven storied building and the factories and offices of the rich ANYTIME ,force them to pay more taxes and no caste or religion will be spared.Money is only religion and caste of the criminals in reality. Labour might not be available at all ,lawlessness will increase so much that they will not get honest people,Courts,police will be out of order themselves and will not be able to maintain law and order. There will be gundaraj and lawlessness and majority of rich will also suffer.

So,by making the common people weak,they are befriending the MNCs but the MNCs will NOT be their friends for long.They themselves will be exploited by MNCs.

The Britishers played police of `Divide and rule`,now the MNCs are playing the same police of `Divide the commons and the rich and rule the country.`

So,it is for the rich now to decide which situation they would like and whether they want to support or oppose pro-common laws like transparent complaint/proposal procedure (,MRCM,Right to recall drafts and jury system (chapters 5,6,7,21 of


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