How using RTI2 (Citizens’Voice) we can decrease alcohol/tobacco comsumption

( RTI2 –Janata ki Awaaz law-draft,described in )

The law-drafts be used to force Govt officers to behave. The law-drafts can be used to force 1% to 2% citizens who want to commit some crimes. But so far no one knows of a law-draft that can stop 20% to 40% people from doing what they want. eg one can reduce rapes by law-drafts against rapes,but one cant stop sex and affairs by enactinglaw-draft against sex.

Now the number of people who drink alcohol in India are 10% to 40% depending on state. Some states like Gujarat have lesser alcohol drinking people,while some states have more. Gujarat has lesser addicts not because of law,but because it has been having less addict since 1700s. In fact,it was only because number of addicts were small and so State could pass such law. And almost every citizen in India has a close or distant relatives who is alcohol addict. So can using proposed RTI2 (aka Janata ki Awaaz) enact a law-draft imposing prison sentence to those who sell/buy alcohol? I dont think majority will ever agree to a law-draft imprisoning buyer (as almost everyone has close or distant relative who takes alcohol). So a law-draft imprisoning buyer will fail once RTI2 comes. Using RTI2,citizens may enact a law that would imprison seller as people would hate alcohol sellers. Such law can be enacted,but will not reduce alcohol consumption by much,because alcohol-addicts will start making liquor in basement or in forest or anywhere. Making alcohol is so easy,that anyone can do it.

So which law-drafts can reduce alcohol consumption?

And which law-drafts can reduce tobacco consumption

The law-drafts I propose are as follows

1. The children from 1st grade will be taken to hospitals and shown the patients dying and suffering due to alcohol,tobacco etc. This will be useful in creating hatred against alcohol ,tobacco against children. Children will be given statistical information about alcohol ,tobacco related disease and economic damage they cause.

2. The alcohol making companies can have only number and no name. Their brands can have only number and no name. All bottles will look alike,shape will be decided by Govt and wont have artistic shapes. The covers will be white with letters in black,and can have no picture. i.e. lets make bottle,cover etc as unattractive as possible

3. The bottle size will be less 100 ml. This encourages person to drink LESS. Because there is a tendency to finish whole drink. And length of cigarette will be less than 3 cm and amount of tobacco it will have be less than 5 gm,and one pack can have only at most 5 cigarettes. This will reduce alcohol and tobacco consumption.

4. The covers will have information on number of people who died due to alcohol and tobacco and it will also have pictures of patients who are suffering due to alcohol/tobacco. Essentially each bottle should have cover that would make addict hate alcohol as much as possible.

5. Alcohol making companies can publish advertisement but the advertisement must be white with letters in black,no pictures and can have only company number,brand number and price information,content information and phone numbers where one may call and buy,and/or get information. Banning advertisement will help existing companies,and block newcomers and thus will increase profits of existing companies only.

6. A person can drink alcohol only inside home and not outside

7. Legalize opium. This will decrease use to tobacco/alcohol and opium causes less crimes,less health problems than tobacco/alcohol. I will discuss this in detail in some other document. Also,reader is free to disagree on this issue.

Please note that reader must not agree on all issues. Some readers may like 1-6,and not (7). I request them to copy this article,remove (7) and send the rest.

These law-drafts can reduce consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

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