How RTR reduces corruption- Example- District Education Officer

One question we often face is —existing officers are corrupt and so the new replacements (i.e. replacement procedures through Right To Recall) will be also equally corrupt. So how will replacements reduce corruption,nepotism etc?

How these replacement procedures reduce corruption?

We shall enumerate the process using examples of District Education Officer. First,we have proposed drafts such as Imprisonment by Majority Voting and Execution by Majority Voting. This draft will apply only on those Ministers,IAS,IPS,judges who have accepted this procedure as 100% ethical and 100% Constitutional. All clauses in these drafts are 100% Constitutional and 100% ethical. Using these drafts,the citizens can imprison or even execute a corrupt Minister,IAS,IPS,judge,who has declared this draft as ethical. And what about those Ministers,judges etc who think that “Execution by Majority Vote” is less than 100% Constitutional and/or less than 100% ethical.

Well,RTR gives citizens an option to expel all those IAS,IPS,Ministers,judges who think that “Execution by Majority Vote” is unethical. So now administration consists of officers who can be executed by majority vote. Given the threat of execution,these officers will not dare to take too much bribes. Now these procedure to Execute by Majority Vote has only campaign value. Because RTR will be sufficient to control corruption,and citizens will never need to invoke Execution by Majority Vote. We have explained how RTR will be sufficient in next paragraphs.

Consider the position of District Education Officer in-charge of schools in District. We,at RRG have proposed Right to Recall DEO – a 10 clause procedure by which the citizens (parents) of district can replace DEO.

How would RTR-DEO improve DEO?

First,the threat of prompt replacement alone would force him to reduce corruption. But that does not do much. At the end,we want a DEO who is not interested in corruption to begin with,not someone who is reducing corruption because of threat of replacement.

How does RTR-DEO in six months provide hundreds of DEOs who are not interested in corruption at all?  We will explain the process of how RTR-DEO will accomplish that. There are about 700 DEOs in India. All 700 are intelligent,capable and efficient. And out of them about say about 10-15 are not interested in corruption. That asset is what we already have. Now my RTR-DEO procedure has one more clause —that if an officer is appointed as DEO by CM,he can be DEO of only one district ;but if citizens have made him DEO,he can be DEO of up to 5 districts in State and up to 10 districts in India. And he would get salaries of all those districts i.e. if a person is DEO of 4 districts and has been appointed by citizens,then his salary will be 4 times. This is cheaper as only salary becomes 4 times,medical benefits,other benegits and many lifelong benefits do not become 4 times. And a later modification makes this feature of “horizontal promotion” or “horizontal expansion” more radical —the salary will become (N * Log2N) times where N is number of Districts he obtains via citizens’ approvals.

Further,a person will be entitled to hold several positions across departments i.e. he may be DEO of 10 districts and also become District Health Officer of 10 districts with some limits. In addition,there is provision for vertical rise i.e. if he serves as District Prosecutors of several Districts,his chances of becoming State Prosecutors of one and more States increases.

So out of existing 700 DEOs,say 5-15 are non-corrupt. Once RTR-DEO comes,they will see an opportunity to do well as well as expand horizontally as well as vertically. They will start introducing positive changes in the schools in their districts. They will stop middle officers from taking bribes,they will ensure that contractors are putting furniture like blackboard,chairs etc in schools. They will ensure that teachers do attend schools etc. And when they do so,they will no longer give hafta to CMs.

Now lets say in all cases CMs transfer them. Then out of 7-15 such cases,in at least 2-5 cases,the parents in order to save their kids’ education will bring that officer back using RTR-DEO. So that would improve education in 2-5 districts out of 700 districts of India.

What about the rest?

Well,say you are living in district-A. Now say that DEO of A is corrupt and inefficient. Say there are 5 near by districts B,C D,E and X. Say district X alone has good DEO. Then citizens of district-A now have a choice – they can expel DEO of their district and give double charge of DEO of X. This very choice and power,that “citizens can now expel me using RTR and bring DEO of X in my place” will create a threat in the minds of DEO of A,B,C,D and E. So either they will all improve within 2-3 months,or citizens will expel them using RTR and replace him with DEO of X. And within 8-10 months,all 700 DEOs will improve or face expulsion. And within 10-20 months,the officers with “get rich quick” and “hell with citizens” mentality from will start leaving administration,and will no longer join administration. So those who want to serve will have now more room and less corrupt people who will interfere.

The existing Govt procedures have a flaw that salary etc. of an honest person does not double if he does twice the work,a phenomenon common in business. This de-motivates honest people from joining Govt.

The RTR procedures we have proposed enable officers to hold multiple chairs and gain more salaries. This will increase the inflow of honest as well as enterprising persons into Govt. We have proposed RTR over not just District Education Officers,but also over District Health Officer,District Police Chief,District Supply Officer (in charge of rationing) etc. We have proposed RTR over some 30-50 District level positions including district judges. So there are about 700 districts and so RTR will apply on about 30000 officers,judges. The day RTR comes,some 15000 will improve within 24 hours. And when mere 2-5 officers get expelled in India in district in first month,the remaining 15000 across India will also improve. IOW,RTR will not require citizens to expel even 50 out of 30000 officers. Expulsion of just 2-3 officers will serve as enough warning for the rest. So RTR will not create any instability at all. Same way,we have proposed RTR State Govt level positions and Central Govt positions such as CM,PM,Ministers,HCjs,SCjs etc. In some cases,they will continue. In some cases they will get expelled and replaced by better persons in their level or lower levels.

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