How our proposal solves India’s misery

Meaning of ‘Transparent Complaint’ or ‘Transparent procedure’ (TCP)

A ‘Transparent Complaint’ or ‘Transparent procedure’ (TCP) is defined as a complaint which is VISIBLE and VERIFIABLE anywhere,anytime and by anyone.

What is our proposal?

Our leader/mentor Mr Rahul Mehta summarizes the CITIZEN’S VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ / TCP/RTI2 law as


  • If a citizen wants,then by visiting Collector’s office,he/she can put his/her RTI application/ Complaint/ Demand etc. on PM’s website for Rs 20 fee.
  • If a citizen supports any RTI application/ Complaint/ Demand etc. ,then by visiting Talati’s (Lekhpal,Patwari etc.) office,he/she can register his support (YES) over an RTI application etc on PM’s website for Rs 3/- fee.
  • The YES-count is not a binding on PM etc.


That’s it! Let us go a little deeper.


Say,there is a corrupt minister in your area and you and lakhs of other people want to complain that

‘This Police Commissioner/Minister is corrupt and should be removed.’

Now,what are the present-day options for making a complaint?


Let us not go to “file an FIR” way. We all know it’s a big,frustrating joke…which does not make us smile.

One option is dharna/strike/hunger strike. But dharna is useless. Because today opposition to the government is met by lathis of the police!!

Well,Another option is Signature Campaign but that also fails…since there is no backup of signatures of citizens with the government in our country and thus signatures cannot be cross-verified and will be proclaimed `false` by the authorities and media. Also,these authorities and medial can forge signatures and get the result they want.


Now,if this complaint is made via the Transparent Complaint Procedure (TCP or RTI-2) we are proposing,whereby,ANY person can go to ANY collector office and give the above complaint,AND if lakhs of people SUPPORT the complaint,they can go to their nearby patwari/talati office and give Rs.3 and voter id details and finger print scan for verification…All this (the complaint and support to the complaint) will come on PM website.

Now,the media or any authority CAN NOT claim that these supporters are false –since there is a fool-proof verification done. Also,a cross-verification of a sample can be done anytime. The complaint cannot be manipulated since the complaint is VISIBLE always to lakhs and crores of people on world-wide-web.

The media…at least the local media will have to take up this complaint or it will lose its credibility for not taking up a genuine,verified complaint which lakhs of people support. And this way via media the complaint will spread all over the country. Now,the lakhs and crores of people who have supported this complaint will put pressure on the MLAs,MPs etc of their area…they will ask,

Why do you not take any action against this complaint when it is clearly visible that lakhs and crores of people are supporting this?


This pressure will come on the higher authorities and even the PM and some suitable action has to be taken.


So,this transparent system will work via public pressure.

First question in your mind:- There is already huge anger in public. Most of us are aware of the corruption that goes around us. Why don’t the “higher authorities” do anything about it?


Simple…! Because we can’t screw (pardon the slang…don’t know  any other word expressing the exact meaning with same feelings) the higher authorities if they don’t listen to us!!!


How does TCP give us the power to screw them if they don’t listen to us?

It gives us power in two ways


1)      It gives us a power to BRING STRONG LAWS. By proposing laws through this Transparent Procedure and supporting it,we can FORCE the government to do what we want. Today,we do not have any authenticate source to do this…that’s why government can bullshit saying this is “emotional wave” “manipulated results” or even worse…“we are their representative so we will make laws” etc. If,let us say,600% of Indian Voters click a YES for a proposed law…these ministers HAVE to pass the law.

2)      Today,you FEEL that people MIGHT support you. But you can’t reach to everyone and tell that you are fighting for a cause. And so you are not CONVINCED of the support that you can fetch. So you,and everyone around you,keep quiet! RTI2/TCP takes your issue to an authenticated public forum and thus makes your voice loud. This procedure SHOWS us how many SUPPORT our issue. Let us say,you see that 10,000 people,from your own city are supporting some demand from you. Will you and these 10,000 people keep quiet about it? No. And that’s why your issue will create pressure…generate support…and give the result.


Second question in your mind:- Do all citizens in India have internet to use this law?


This is the most common “wrong question” we get. Whether the citizen has internet or not,he/she MUST visit the Collector’s office in person to submit his complaint or RTI application. And whether he/she has internet or not,he/she MUST visit Talati’s (Lekhpal,Patwari,VO) office in person to register YES on a complaint or affidavit.

So internet is not at all required to use this law,and even if a person has internet,it would make no difference.           *Further modifications in the overall system can be made…to make use of this law easier…by using ATMs etc. *


Third Question in your mind:- Last point of the proposal says that the law is not binding. Then what is the use of the law?

We strongly believe that,IF the anger is VISIBLE to PM or any other person,he/she will listen to us…out of fear of public outburst of anger.

One problem is,we need constitutional amendments if we are to make our Yes/No count binding on PM etc.

ALSO,there are two ways in which a law can be passed.

1) Gazette Notification(GN)…which is an order by PM to others. This is not binding on PM. (We are proposing a GN of RTI2)

2) A law proposal,to be passed by MPs in Parliament.

So,for 1) pressure needs to be created on PM. For 2) pressure needs to be created on ALL the MPs.

So we are going for 1). Of course if you feel that we must have a law which is binding on PM as well…promote RTI2,with “the opinion of public binding on PM and all”clause.


Fourth question in your mind:- That’s it? How can such a mere three line law solve issues in front of India?

How can it solve daunting problem of poverty?

How can it solve equally tough problems like corruption in policemen/judges/MPs etc.?


The solution is through RTI2/TCP…!

Creating Powerful laws…and making our government implement them…through RTI2/TCP.


We know,you still have doubts. Rest assured,we have answer to each of them!

Our mentor Mr. Rahul Mehta is working on this since 15 years!!!


Ask you doubts…let us know your contact number…we will contact you…!

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