How EVMs (electronic voting machine) can be rigged easily

Many individuals,organizations and famous well known professors from United States Universities have released their research-papers and articles on this topic with NECESSARY PROOFS OR SOFTWARE PROGRAMMING LOGIC. Please check all of them following.


This site presents an independent scientific study about the security of the electronic voting machines (EVMs) used in India.


Contrary to claims by Indian election authorities,these paperless electronic voting systems suffer from significant vulnerabilities. Even brief access to the machines could allow dishonest election insiders or other criminals to alter election results.

In the video above,we demonstrate two kinds of attacks against a real Indian EVM. One attack involves replacing a small part of the machine with a look-alike component that can be silently instructed to steal a percentage of the votes in favour of a chosen candidate. These instructions can be sent wirelessly from a mobile phone. Another attack uses a pocket-sized device to change the votes stored in the EVM between the election and the public counting session,which in India can be weeks later.

These attacks are neither complicated nor difficult to perform,but they would be hard to detect or defend against. The best way to prevent them is to count votes using paper ballots that voters can see.

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(3) How 100,000 EVMs can be tempered by just 10-12 people at top

(4) TOTAL COST OF EVM per lok sabha constituency

Average constituency has 1,50,000 voters. And each booth has average 1000 voters.And say average each lok sabha constituency has average12 candidates and average 60% voter turnout.

A-COUNTING- Seven counting rooms with 15 counting tables=105 tables in each loksabha constituency.Two class 2 persons(salary=Rs1200/day of 8 hours) at each table take 6 hours to count votes of counting. Cost=1200X2X105X6/8=Rs 1.89 lakhs.

B-TRAINING- Two class 2 persons trained per booth for two days. Average 1500 booths per constituency. Cost= 1200x2x1500= Rs.7,20,000.

C-POLLING COSTS=Cost of machine+cost of checking machine before polling.

Subsidised cost of EVM machine is Rs. 10,000 serves for a maximum of six elections. So cost of a EVM machine,used for a single booth is Rs. 2000 excluding interest and including cost of pre-poll testing evm.

Cost =1500×2000=Rs.30,00,000.

Total Cost of EVM per Lok Sabha Constituency =A+B+C=Rs39.1 lakhs



Total 105 counting tables in a constituency. Each has three persons of class 4(salary=Rs.700/day of 8 hours),will take 2days(=16 hours) to count. Cost=Rs. 4 lakhs

E-TRAINING- Zero costs

F-POLLING COSTS=Costs of paper ballots +ballot boxes

Cost of one paper ballot =50 paisa. Cost of a ballot box=Rs.200.

Cost per booth of avg. 1000 voters =Rs.500+200=Rs.700

Cost per constituency=Rs.10.5 lakhs

Total Cost of Paper Ballot per Lok Sabha Constituency=D+E+F= Rs.14.5 lakhs.

The Cost of EVM is almost three times more per election than that of paper ballot.

Can EVMs be rigged? Yes,and worse – unlike paper ballots,10000s of EVMs can be

rigged with just few people inside the factory. And some ways of rigging ensure that rigging will never become visible to citizens at large. In case of paper ballots,one can rig hardly 0.1% of total votes and that too would need 1000s of criminals. With EVMs,one with 10-15 people at top and by playing a small trick in the Collectors’ offices,one can steal as many as 10% to 20% of the total polled votes. There is another method,which needs about 100 persons in the factory and using them one can steal about 10% of all polled votes across Constituencies. This is the main reason why Germany banned EVMs and Japan,Ireland scrapped EVM projects. And many states in US also banned EVMs.

In case of paper ballots,people complain of so called booth capture. Well,EVM doesn’t stop booth capture either. That is strictly a police problems. EVM only creates 20 second delay between two successive votes and nothing else. This 20 second delay can be achieved with paper ballot as well by having a device that puts a stamp with a 15 digit serial number on the backside of the ballot paper,and device will put only one stamp every 20 seconds. This will ensure a delay of 20 seconds between two votes. Now ballot paper is as safe as EVM and the problem of industrial scale rigging doesn’t come at all. In addition,at all sensitive booth,EC can put a Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 camera which can take pictures every 30 seconds and send the pictures to control station via mobile phone link. All in all,booth capturing happens because judges/policemen have been encouraging criminals,who become so strong and bold that they hack booths. Solution is to enact procedures by which citizens can expel/replace District Police

Chiefs and judges so that criminals don’t go so strong. Once criminals weaken the problem of booth capturing reduce.

Also,if election is deposit is raised (see one of the next topics),then number of spurious candidates will reduce. So number of candidates will become 5-10,and the will become of the size of no bigger than two post cards. In such cases,counting will be over in one day.

Once we have recallable District Police Chiefs and recallable judges,the crime problem will reduce and it would become possible to conduct elections with just 1 policemen equipped with camera per booth,and a mobile petrol of 10 policemen in an area covering 10 booths. So to conduct polls in 800,000 booths,about 16,00,000 policemen will be enough. We have 25,00,000 policemen in India (CRPF and all police forces included,Army soldiers and BSF excluded). And election or no election,we need to recruit 50,00,000 more policemen in India. So it is possible to conduct polling in entire country in just one day,and have counting 3 days after polling day.

So all in all,my proposals at RRG on EVM and poll conducting issues are

1. Ban EVMs using CV. Legalize the use paper ballots only.


2. Enact Right to Recall over Police Chief,judges using CV

3. Recruit 30,00,000 policemen all over India

4. Equip all policemen with camera

5. Provide camera in all sensitive booths

6. Using CV,raise the election deposits

7. Using CV,raise number of citizens who need to second the candidate.

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