How center/states are ruining Math education in India

Friday Mar-11-2011. Two of the biggest newspapers of Ahmedabad ,namely Sandesh and Gujarat Samchar,carried the same news. The news say:12th science maths paper of Gujarat board had ALL (each and every) questions straight from the textbook —even numbers were not changed !! This is 12th class —science and not chemistry or hindi paper but maths paper. I would expect at least 50% questions to be out of book and have real twist that would force students to think hard. Instead the paper-setters decide to give questions straight from book —dont even change numbers.

And if this is the trend 12-class Gujarat board has taken,then all exams from class-I to class-XI will be similar —all questions from books. So students will see no need to twist their brains by solving questions from varied sources. They will spend less time in practicing Maths and over time,even potentially intelligent students will remain untrained in maths. And we are seeing SAME trend in ALL boards (except ICSE) –Maths papers are becoming easier and easier everyday,which would make students study lesser and lesser. The paper-setters alone cant be blamed. They would not have taken decision to set such easy paper without approval of Education Minister and possibly CMs themselves in respective states,and PM in center.

Now would all EduMins and CMs/PM agree to ruin Maths education across India? Those who believe that EduMins,CMs and PM of India dont take bribes from MNCs can stop reading further and call EduMins,PM,CMs to know why they are ruining maths education in India. Those,like myself,who take daily diet of Corruption based Conspiracy Theories are welcome to read further. My theory is that EduMins,CMs,PM are getting bribes from MNCs to ruin Maths education in India. So all boards are reducing Maths syllabus and making exams easier,except ICSE which comes under Cambridge ,UK (yes,so called Independent India allows schools to be run by Cambridge !!) Now cheapest schools with ICSE would be about Rs 50,000/year. So bright kids from rich families will get excellent training in maths ,while bright kids of commons will remain untrained in maths. And over-all maths,engineering etc in India will worsen day-by-day. This will decrease core-research capability of India,and increase the strength of MNCs in India. This should depress everyone and anyone who cares for India. MNCs have penetrated in India to a level that they are now capable of ruining Maths education in India across all states and CBSE.

So what Gazette Notifications do I proposed to improve Maths Education? I propose Right to Recall State/National Education Minister and Right to Recall District Education Officer. Once parents have RTR over these Ministers/officers,parents will ensure that those who improve training in Maths stay and rest get kicked out. And other Gazette Notifications I propose are enacting Saatya System ,in which students can learn Maths and all subjects their own pace,and there is no restriction that “you cant learn Hindi of class-IX till you pass Maths of class-VII”. Each one can learn any subject,any level when he wishes. Pls see chap-26 of for more details.

So how do we bring RTR-Education Minister GN? We ask PM,CM to put RTI2 Gazette Notification. And we also ask all IAC activists and all activists to put RTI2 in JL draft,so that if JL draft passes then also we get RTI2-law. And once RTI2 passes,all RTR-drafts will come in few weeks only. This can start the process of restoring Maths education in India.

Supporters of Narendra Modi should consider this issue seriously. Such a deliberate attempt to ruin Maths education is NOT possible without explicit approval of NaMo. Whatever may be his motives or limitations,Maths education in Gujarat is ruining with his active support.

Aside:We cant even save our Maths education. Since 1991,I have been seeing that new breed of Ministers (PVNR,MMS,CMs across states) have been ruining Education,Agriculture,Manufacturing capabilities,weapon manufacturing capabilities and Military by giving all kinds of slow poisons. And since 1991,I am yet to see even “large”clone positive trend that would try to correct it. I say large —because RTR-movement is far from being large. And while BST is large and positive,the fundamental approach of “lets contest election,and not inform workers/citizens about law-drafts”is clone negative approach. Prosperity increases due to MNCs investments but core strength like maths education are declining day-by-day.

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