Have suggestion? Dont bother me —call my leader ;Does your leader have 240 hours in a day?

I and many at Right to Recall Group are being approached by activists from IAC (India Against Corruption) to support Jan Lokpal bill and spend time to support it. I have fully supported Jan Lokpal bill,but have pointed out that it has two FATAL flaws (lack of transparent complaint filing and lack of Right to Recall Lokpal) because of which bill will only reduce small cases of corruption (which any dictatorship can do) but will do NOTHING to stop institutionalized corruption (eg lobbies getting away with SEZ bill,lobbies getting away with policies that weaken Maths,Science education etc). I also propose the remedies —3 clauses addition that create Transparent Complain Filing and 9 clause addition which create Right to Recall Lokpal. These clauses are described in http://righttorecall.info/Lokpal.pdf and alternate link is http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_154461117936671&view=doc&id=171644916218291 and http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_154461117936671&view=doc&id=171645272884922 . I also cite the fact that while Jan Lokpal bill says that Selection Committee for Lokpal will invite public feedback,the bill provides NO transparent procedure for sending feedback. These fatal flaws were there in RTI-Act draft and it was only because of these fatal flaws that today despite 6 years of RTI-activist in every street of India,corruption in Supreme Court judges,PM,CMs,Ministers,High Court judges,IAS,IPS etc ir running amok.

Almost all IAC activists I came across say that they support Right to Recall Lokpal clauses and Transparent Complaint Filing. I feel surprised because some agree without spending 20 minutes needed to read the two pages consisting of 3 + 9 clauses. After saying that “we support Right to Recall”,they ask me to spend time to campaign for IAC and their mask Anna Hazare aka “The Return of the Gandhiji”or “Gandhiji strikes back”or “Gandhi’s sequel”or “Gandhiji No. 2 ”of simply put “Gandiji-2″.

I make a polite request —that since you (you = IAC activist) support Right to Recall Jan Lokpal and Transparent Complain Filing can you write one line post supporting Right to Recall Lokpal? Or can you at least put a post supporting request to add transparent complaint filing clauses in Jan Lokpal Bill on IAC website? They flatly refuse !! And then they say —please speak to IAC’s 2-3 senior’s leaders ;here is there phone number ;here is there email address etc etc etc.

One thing that separates us RTR-activists is that no RTR-activists will say –please speak to our leaders !! In fact we have no leaders. We are all leads at best —we only pass on information about existing and proposed law-drafts. The only Leader we have is 3-line proposed Gazette Notification listed at http://righttorecall.info/001.pdf . And there are other 100 law-drafts we have proposed ,supported and demanded in http://righttorecall.info/301.pdf . But each activist will personally take responsibility of each clause and each draft and answer every question on the proposed draft. No one will ever say –“I dont want to talk on this —talk to my high command”. But no IAC activists takes any question on the 27-page Jan Lokpal draft and will simply say —please send all suggestions to our 2-3 apex-leaders only.

Now say there are 100,000 IAC activists each meeting 100 other activists totaling 100 lakh activists. Say out of 100 lakh  activists,some 500,000 ask questions on the proposed Jan Lokpal draft. Say answering that question needs 15 minutes on an average (some will ask more and detailed questions,some will ask few and short questions). No IAC activists says –speak to my leader. Say each one speaks to leader and leader tries to answer questions in 1 year. So leader would need 5 lakh * 15 minutes = 75 lakh minutes = 1.25 lakh hours in a year. Now there are only 365 days in a year. So the task of “speak to leader”is possible only if the leader has 340 hours in a day !! And he spends whole day in answering questions !!

Suffices to say,the IAC activists are either hopelessly unaware of the fact that no matter how great a leader is —he has no more than 24 hours in a day OR they have noticed this fact but want to disregard it.

Some IAC activists even told me that I should take next train,plane or bus and travel to Delhi or Mumbai and speak to IAC leaders. Boss,there is cost as well time which can be gainfully employed elsewhere. And even if 500,000 people who have questions personally travel to Mumbai or Delhi ,the leader will NOT have 340 hours a day to answer the questions.

All in all,my request to ALL IAC members is that please consider the fact that this counter-demand of “speak to our leader”is blatantly unethical. Unethical because you are indirectly citing that your leader will spare 340 hours everyday for next one year and that cant happen. So I request you all to dump “speak to the leader”argument for good. Instead,if possible,please spend some time in reading YOUR 27-page Jan Lokpal bill draft and please try to answer questions YOURSELF as far as possible without asking us to call your leaders.

And finally,if you claim that you support transparent complain filing clauses or support Right to Recall clauses ,then pls put a post on IAC FB page. So do I need to ask your leaders to take such a small action as well because you cant click and type yourself?

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