A one shot solution to India’s problems

Every nation needs strong laws.
Laws which are not having flaws and loopholes.
Today,even if we propose strong laws…the corrupt ministers are not going to pass them.
If we need 10 new laws to be implemented…we will need 10 different movements! And the result will be dependent on the mercy of those ministers…who are supposed be our servants!
So what is the solution?
One law…! Just one law…!
This ONE law will give us power to bring 100s of new,better laws.
This ONE law…will solve ALL the misery we are facing today.
`CITIZENS VOICE / JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2)`/ Transparent Complaint / Proposal System or Transparent Opinion Gathering Gazette Notification law
The proposed CITIZENS VOICE / JANTA KI AWAZ law,to be signed by PM (called Gazette Notification) has only 3 clauses as follows.

Please note that 3rd clause is a mere declaration. So the proposed CITIZENS VOICE / JANTA KI AWAZ law has only 2 operational clauses.

(or his clerk)
If ANY citizen-voter submits a Right to Information application or complaint against corruption or any affidavit to the Collector and demands to be put on the website of the Prime Minister,the Collector or his clerk will issue a serial number and put it on PM’s website for a fee of Rs 20 per page.

(or his clerk)

If ANY citizen-voter comes with voter ID,and specifies Yes-No on an RTI application,complaint or any affidavit submitted in cluase-1,the Talati will enter his Yes-No on the PM’s website with his voter-ID and give a printed receipt for Rs 3 fee. The Talati will also allow citizen to change his Yes-No for Rs 3 fee. The fee will be Re 1 for BPL card holder
This is not a referendum procedure .The Yes-No count will not be a binding on PM,CMs,officers,judges etc. Though if over 37 crores women voters,dalit voters,senior citizen voters,poor voters,farmer voters or ANY 37 crore citizen-voters register Yes on a given affidavit,then the PM may or need not take necessary action on the RTI application affidavit ;or the PM may or need not resign. PM’s decision will be final.
Our leader/mentor Mr Rahul Mehta summarize the CITIZENS VOICE / JANTA KI AWAZ law as
  • If a citizen wants,then by visiting Collector’s office,he can put his RTI application etc on PM’s website Rs 20 fee.
  • If a citizen supports and RTI application,complain etc,then by visiting Talati’s (Lekhpal,Patwari etc) office,he can register his support (YES) over an RTI application etc on PM’s website for Rs 3/- fee.
  • The YES-count is not a binding on PM etc.
    Is that all?
Yes,that’s all. Nothing more. So now the question is:how can such a mere three line law solve daunting problem of poverty? How can it solve equally tough problems like corruption in policemen/judges?
We ASSURE you that this simple 3 line law will reduce ALL the misery we are facing today.
To know HOW this simple law can reduce all the misery we Indians are facing,visit:-


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